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"I love to paint. It is the ultimate creative challenge.

I have always wanted to create paintings that make the viewer feel inspired or able to escape to a beautiful place for a little while. Thus, I create uplifting art with lots of color  and imagination.

I have been an amateur photogragher for more than 53 years taking pictures of everything beautiful in this world. By the age of 17, after studing the Canadian Group of Seven Artists, I dreamed of being a full time artist creating vivid colorful paintings of the world.

I am a versatile, creative artist. One day it is a landscape then the next day it could be an abstract or a portrait of a beautiful woman or child. I constantly strive for my best painting regardless of the style or subject. The style I choose each day is based on what intrigues me at that time.

I travel a lot taking pictures of the beauty that can be found in all parts of the world. My art usually shows an influence of the most recent places visited.

Figurative art is very structured but emotional, especially if I know the person. Abstract art is playful, creative and knows no bounds except my desire to convey optimism and/or stimulative thoughts.

Relax and enjoy the beauty as you wander around Wayne's web site seeking your favourite painting.

Note: To help select sizes, there will be a letter just to the right of each painting. T = Tiny, S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, V = Very Large.

I am also an author. My first published book is "Really, Granddad?"See Wayn'e Books


Prices:Most paintings displayed on this web site can be purchased. A red dot beside a painting's picture indicates that it is sold or not available.To get an approximate price use 50 cents a square inch. E.g. 16in x 20in sized painting is 16x20x0.50= $160.00 (CDN Dollars). Framing, taxes (no GST) and shipping are extra. Contact me for accurate pricing. My Digital Art is not for sale, sorry.

Quality: Wayne's paintings use only professional grade acrylic paints for superior pigments, rich in purity and quality, which will last a lifetime. Wayne only paints on high quality, stretched cotton canvases which are double gesso primed. When a painting is finished, it is varnished with a professional acrylic coating to protect it from dust, dirt and ultraviolet light. Cleaning is easy by doing a light vacuuming with a soft brush, then use a damp cotton cloth using warm water to carefully wipe the surface; no soap or chemicals.

The majority of the original art on this web site has the sides of the canvas painted in a wrap around image style. The owner can simply hang the painting without a frame for a contemporary look, although a painting will always look its best with a carefully chosen, beautiful frame. Digital original print art should be treated like water color images and framed under glass for protection.

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